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Board of Directors

Board of Directors

Voting Members

Current Position

Board Term Expires


James Garrick President 12-31-2020

Peggy Clayton

Vice-President 12-31-2020

Ann Cucci Treasurer 12-31-2020

Rosalia Capriglione Secretary 12-31-2020

Michael Soriano Mayor  

Andy Miller Chief of Police  

Dr. Joseph Weisberg   12-13-2020

Dr. Karl Alorbi Phd


Mike Whalen   12-31-2019

Bob Wilhalme   12-31-2019

Mike Pulsinelli   12-31-2019


Paul Carifi Council Liaison Assigned by Township Council

Sgt Allan Griffin Police Department Liaison Assigned by Chief

Joe Cistaro BOE Liaison Assigned by PTH-BOE

Anthony Abrantes Honorary Board Member (Northwest Jersey Central Labor Council)  


Joseph P Plescia

Honorary Board Member

Past Executive Director 2004-2011

National PAL Board Member


Joseph O'Neil Honorary Board Member  
Staff Sam Yodice Executive Director  
Staff Ashley Garofalo Program Coordinator  
Staff Candace Stanton

Book Keeper


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